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Product Options



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Dear Joy Bands Customers and Friends,


It is with mixed emotions that we announce Joy Bands will be ending our operation as of June 30.  It has been a joy for us to serve you and to aid cochlear implant users (especially children) in wearing their processors securely and comfortably.  We have felt a real connection to many of you and have appreciated all of your kind words of encouragement.  But, as with all good things, there comes a time when it must end.


We will be accepting and filling orders as long as our supplies last, with the final closing date of June 30, 2017.


Thank you all so much for your support.


God Bless,

Judy and Jim Smith

Bill Beese

Announcing:  Joy Bands are now available for either the Cochlear Aqua+ or the Cochlear Aqua Accessory (plastic bags).  For more information Click here.

Joy Bands are fabricated with a base color and may include a decoration attached to the front of the Joy Band.  Some decorations are the same width as the base color band and some only partially cover the base color.  Hand crafted Sequined Joy Bands are also available which are made from a base color with sequined decorations.  You can design any Joy Band to best fit your needs.

For information related to placing orders from outside the United States, click here  Please be sure to add the appropriate shipping charges.

Band colors - base material weights may vary by color and availability (click on picture for enlarged view)

Lilac Joy Bands


Olive Joy Bands


Pink Joy Bands


If you are ready to order, click here.


Decorations - full width style, covers base material from processor pocket to processor pocket (click on picture for enlarged view)

Baseballs - full width decoration


Basketballs - full width decoration


Black Metallic - full width decoration

Black Metallic

Cars & Trucks on White

Chubby Monkeys - full width decoration

Chubby Monkeys

Farm Animals - full width decoration

Farm Animals

Fire Trucks - full width decoration

Fire Trucks

Footballs - full width decoration


Frogs - full width decoration


Hearts - full width decoration


Lady Bugs - Big - full width decoration

Lady Bugs - Big

Monkeys - full width decoration


Music - full width decoration


Red, White & Blue - full width decoration

Red, White & Blue

Roman Maze - full width decoration

Roman Maze

Soccer - full width decoration


Soccer Balls - full width decoration

Soccer Balls

Sparkly Pink Stripes - full width decoration

Sparkly Pink Stripes

Zoo Train - full width decoration

Zoo Train

Blue Sequins - full width decoration

Blue Sequins

Gold Sequins - full width decoration

Gold Sequins

Hot Pink Sequins - full width decoration

Hot Pink Sequins

Silver Sequins - full width decoration

Silver Sequins


More decorations - partial overlay style, does not completely cover base color fabric (click on picture for enlarged view)

Bandana - Red Narrow - decoration overlay

Bandana - Red Narrow

Blue Flowers - decoration overlay

Blue Flowers

Camouflage - Olive - decoration overlay

Camouflage - Olive

Camouflage - Tan - decoration overlay

Camouflage - Tan

Cars & Trucks - decoration overlay

Cars & Trucks

Cream Braid - decoration overlay

Cream Braid

Daisies with Purple - decoration overlay

Daisies with Purple


Giraffe - decoration overlay


Hot Pink Flowers - decoration overlay

Hot Pink Flowers

Lady Bugs - decoration overlay

Lady Bugs

Lilac Flowers - decoration overlay

Lilac Flowers

Multi-colored Rick Rack - decoration overlay

Multi-colored Rick Rack

Peace - decoration overlay


Pink Flowers - decoration overlay

Pink Flowers

Pink with Brown Polka Dots - decoration overlay

Pink with Brown Polka Dots

Tennies - decoration overlay


White Flowers - decoration overlay

White Flowers

Zebra Stripes - decoration overlay

Zebra Stripes


Click on your choice of products below in order to purchase a Joy Band Headband.  After adding to your shopping cart, you will be required to select a band color, back elastic color, size, and brand of CI in use or style preference.

Please select shipping choice carefully - International or US, as appropriate.

All sales are final.  To view our return policy, click here.

You will be required to select a band color, back elastic color, size and brand of CI in use or style preference.

For the Unilateral product, you will be able to identify the CI in use or style preference for each ear - none is also a valid selection.

For the Decorated product, in addition to band color, back elastic color, size and brand of CI in use or style preference, you will also be required to select a decoration from our list of available decorations.

For the Unilateral product, you will be able to identify the CI in use or style preference separately for each ear - none is also a valid selection.


Custom Joy Bands are also available.  Click here to see how easy it is!



Plain Joy Band - $19.95

Decorated Joy Band - $22.95

Custom Joy Band - $22.95

Shipping / Mailing Prices:  Any additional taxes or customs charges levied are the responsibility of the buyer.

US only rates:

Standard shipping and handling - $5.95

Priority Mail (2-3 business days) - $8.95

Express Mail (Next business day) - $25.95

International rates:

Standard shipping and handling - $9.95

Priority Mail - Canada only (estimated 6-10 business days) - $26.95

Priority Mail - All other countries (estimated 6-10 business days) - $32.95

Delivery expectations:

Since each Joy Band is custom made, please allow 2-5 business days for your order to be made.  On very rare occasions, it is possible that it could take up to 10 business days to make and ship.  When this occurs, you will be notified of the delay.  After production and shipping, delivery depends on the mail service and type of shipping you choose.

Sizing:  Head measurement will be required on the shopping cart screen.  We will make the appropriate adjustment to allow room for the CI processor.

Caution:  Please measure head carefully.  When measuring for size, measure where band is to be positioned.  If band is to be used as a sweat band, you might choose to measure differently than if the band is to be used as a stylish hair piece.  To see a short video which addresses this issue, click here.  All of our informative videos can be found at the top of the "How Joy Bands Work" page.

All colors and styles are subject to change without notice.  The above colors and decoration options are currently available while supplies last.

Click here to see design suggestions

Click here to see some examples of decorated Joy Bands

To learn about our Good Customer Rebate Program, click here

To learn about our Professional Discounts, click here


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